What’s that Smell? Mildew Cologne!

bottle of midew cologneWe do our best to fight mold and mildew. Our finely trained nostrils sniff out the foul infestations for us to ultimately plot it’s demise. With that in mind we recognize this story may not be for everyone – in fact we turn up our noses at it!

Marketers at Demeter Fragrance Library, the originator of such fragrances as Crayon, Glue and Birthday Cake, are always sniffing out ideas form new products. In an industry where well-known brands are supported by millions of dollars worth of packaging, sampling and advertising, Demeter has made its name by concentrating on the development of offbeat scents. The company’s goal is to boost sales beyond $50 million before the end of the decade by creating a series of new fragrances for the target segment of 15 to 30 year olds.

Many of Demeter’s ideas for new colognes, body lotions and bath gels are sparked by aromas in the natural world. Some ideas are sparked by the smell of places such as New Zealand or of favorite foods such as crème brûlée. The most promising concepts eventually evolve into more than one product. ” Or Wet Garden scent started out as a version of what became Greenhouse” explains fragrance maker and Demeter cofounder Chris Gable. “It had the aroma of fresh green wetness, but not the humidity, so it became something else equally beautiful.”

Customers sometimes provide the inspiration for new scents, as well. Gable once asked a customer what aroma she really enjoyed. She said “You know it’s the smell of first turning my air conditioners in May”. Gable recognized the smell as mildew which the company proceeded to develop. Gable says “it’s lovely and has quite a following.”

Demeter now sells more than $10 million worth of fragrances yearly through Sephora, Liberty and other retailers in the US and Europe.

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