Mold effects on the Brain — Video 2 — Black Mold Mildew Removal

Picking up from our previous post, the following 4-minute video features Dr. Robert Crago explaining some of the types of brain injuries seen in black mold exposed patients. Crago says the brain stem is often implicated. Diseases of the brain stem can result in abnormalities in the function of cranial nerves which may lead to visual disturbances, pupil abnormalities, changes in sensation, muscle weakness, hearing problems, vertigo, swallowing and speech difficulty, voice change, and coordination problems.


  1. Angela Blair says

    Wow we have some mold in our home, not too sure how much of it but all along the house on the ceiling its starting to come through… and lately words and basic knowledge and everything is hard for me to remember. Also lately I have been so depressed and I feel like there’s a huge disconnect in my brain. I was wondering if it was the mold in my house… I see now there’s a good chance that it is. :(