Mold Prevention Tips

Follow our mold prevention tips to fight many causes of mold in homes. While some homes are certainly more susceptible than others, all homeowners need to take precautions against toxic molds and be aware of the symptoms of mold allergies.

1. Try to maintain a relative humidity in your home of  fifty-five percent or below. With dehumifiers or air conditioning make sure there is air movement through your house. Mold grows best in a relative humidity of seventy percent and over..

2. Don’t feed mold with dust and dirt from air conditioning units, ducts, dehumidifiers or air purifiers. Give this equipment a good cleaning every three months.

3. Mold test outward venting annually from heating and cooling equipment as well as duct registers every year. You can do it yourself with mold test kits and test for elevated concentrations of mold spores.

4. Check humidity levels around your home with digital hygrometer. Use a log book to keep records of the humidity and when reading suddenly change you may want to do a mold inspection.

5. If you smell a mold or mildewy smell it is very likely present, visible or not. Mold often goes unseen in crawl spaces, in attics, behind walls or inside the air conditioning equipment.

6. Mold inspection – examine the ceilings, floors underneath carpets and rugs, the roof,exterior siding, ceilings, and behind and beneath furniture. Keep a lookout for  water stains, leaks, water damage or mold growth.

7. Inspect for crawlspace mold beneath a building and for attic mold.  Check the garage and exterior siding and the basement, garage. These places are often the first to have  water intrusion issues that feed mold growth. .

8. Check around and beneath sink cabinets for water damage and mold growth in the kitchen, laundry area and bathrooms.

9. Be aware of  residents health. Are people and family pets suffering from any health problems that could potentially be mold-related?

10.  HEPA filters are very effect. Install them in air intakes and heating and cooling to remove airborne mold spores.

11. Using borax detergent or boric acid powder mixed with hot water wash all cleanable surfaces in your home every month. Walls, floors cabinets and appliances. This will prevent mold. Vacuum rugs and carpets with a HEPA vacuum cleaner .

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