Mold/Mildew Smell from Heat Pumps

Moldy smell from Heat Pump

Do you have mold/mildew odors coming from your forced air heating and cooling system? This is a sickening smell that you don’t want to live with because it may well make you sick. The trick with moldy smell from heat pumps is to locate the source and resolve it. What makes it difficult is that the source of the mold isn’t likely to be standing water. It is most likely coming from condensation in the ductwork or on the coils.

Dust in the coils cause moldy smell from heat pumpPeople that use gas heating systems with air conditioning can also be subjected to mold issues, With gas systems though, routine maintenance is more common and parts of the system are cleaned. With heat pumps, people often assume that since it is running alright they can just let it be. This is why you get the mold smell from heat pumps. You need to clean the whole air handler, the ducts, filter and the coils.

These systems collect dust into wads that sticks between the coils and fins of the unit. When you use the air conditioning you condense water from the air and the dust gets wet. When the unit is turned off the mold has a chance to grow. When you turn it on again the air is forced through the dust spreading that mold smell from heat pump throughout your house.

Wads of dust can become lodged between the fins of the coils and get wet during air-conditioning operation from the system condensing moisture out of the air. Turn the system off and let it set a while and mildew sets in. Turn it back on and the mildew dust-bunnies act like an obnoxious air-wick releasing the mildew smell.

Unless you are a truly blessed handy-person cleaning your system is a job best left to your service provider’s pros. They can clean the system, cleaning the overall chassis and air-blasting or vacuuming the coils.

Underneath the coils there is a condensate pan. It collects water that drips from the condensation. In this case the standing water can become the foulest of swamps so be certain to check it and clean if necessary.

The duct distribution system may need to be cleaned too. Remove the registers and have a look. Use a mirror and flashlight to check supply and return registers.

Ductwork is something you may be able to clean yourself using a wand attachment with your vacuum cleaner. Using duct cleaning services will set y0u back a few hundred dollars but you can usually count on a thorough cleaning.

Keep the parts clean and voila, you will have beaten the moldy smell from heat pumps.