Vinegar Mold Mildew Removal

Commercial mold and mildew removers are harsh chemicals that can be tough on people with respiratory problems. We suggest vinegar mold mildew removal. It is a far more environmentally friendly solution that is easier on your lungs and pocketbook.

Use good old distilled white vinegar straight from the bottle. Add it undiluted to a spray bottle then attack the mold infestation. Sure it smells strong but in no time at all you can have a mildew-free surface. Vinegar is acetic acid which destroys mold and mildew. It also prevents it from recurring

Vinegar Mold Mildew RemovalAccording to the Mother Nature Network, the really great thing about vinegar is that its perfectly natural and won’t harm anyone or anything. Its also 100 percent pet safe. You can put it in a spray bottle and spray it on mold or mildew and get rid of it almost instantly. Vinegar not only kills mold and mildew but also removes soap scum. No need to use bleach or other dangerous products,

Once you have sprayed the affected area give the vinegar let it sit a few hours. This allows it to be fully absorbed into the mold where it can kill it. Vinegar mold mildew removal can work on its own but we suggest the following steps.

After you have given the vinegar time to do its work, scrub the area with hot water and baking soda. Give it a good scrubbing (elbow grease is the key ingredient here). Rinse and repeat. Finally spray vinegar onto the area one last time and allow to air dry. The smell of vinegar will dissipate after a few hours,

You can spray vinegar on your dish drainer and other places that mold grows on a regular basis. Let it set there for a hour or so and wash it away.

Vinegar Mold Mildew Removal in Bathrooms

You can use vinegar mold mildew removal on the  toilet base and tank, bathroom sinks, counters and your bathtub. Anywhere you find moisture there the potential need for mold removal. You can run your bathtub full of cold water and add a quart or so of white vinegar and let it set for a hour or two. When you let the water out the mold will be gone also. You can do the same with sinks.

If you have mildewy shower curtains put them into your washing machine and add 2 cups of white vinegar to the water along with your usual detergent. Run the washing machine thru a wash cycle and the mold will be gone. Just hang your shower curtain back up wet. Give it the vinegar mold mildew removal treatment about once a month and it will remain mold free.

To clean moldy caulking, spray with vinegar and allow to absorb for 15 minutes. Spray again and using a flat-head screwdriver scrape the mold off. Scrub with baking soda as mentioned above. Rinse and towel-dry then generously spray with vinegar once again. Allow the vinegar to air-dray (a fan can help this along) then re-caulk as required.

For safety sake use rubber gloves and a mask. An N-95 mask is sold at many hardware stores. If you have a mildew problem bigger than ten square feet, you’ll need call in a mold abatement professional.