House Mold Removal

House Mold Removal: Isolating the Problem

If you are smelling mildew but can’t isolate where it is coming from conduct a mold test in different areas of the house concentrating on rooms where you suspect the mold is hiding. Obviously finding the culprit is necessary before any house mold removal can be implemented.

When you get the results of the test you will see the extent the mold problem is and if need professional help for your house mold removal If you still can’t find the source of the mildew door hire a mold inspector to find it.

According to the Indoor Air Quality Association, when there is a mold infestation it is quite likely that mold spores are giving off mycotoxins and Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C.s), which can manifest in a variety of symptoms for many people. These symptoms can include everything from red eyes and stuffiness to headaches and tiredness to dizziness and even more neurological problems. The most common reaction is respiratory difficulty, especially in asthmatic individuals

a severe infestation for house mold removalHouse Mold Removal: Eliminate the Source of Moisture

Once the source of mold is established, the next step is to remedy the cause of the mold.  Mold and mildew need moisture to grow so fix this first. If the moisture is coming from a leak under the sink, get it fixed or the problem will recur.

If your problem is high humidity, get a a dehumidifier to keep the relative humidity tat fifty percent or below. It is necessary to dry out the contaminated area, but a dehumidifier will not eliminate the mold problem.

Running portable air cleaners with Hepa filters to capture the mold spores and gas filters for the V.O.C.s will help reduce the toxins in the air.

Methods for the Removal of Mold From Your House

House mold removal can disturb mold spores and make them airborne. It is a good idea to contain the mold so it cannot spread when spores are airborne. If working in a large space contain it with plastic sheeting.

Wear protective clothing, gloves, boots, googles and a respirator. Remove any of the loosened mold spores with a Hepa vacuum.

Use one of these solutions kill the mold.

  • 2 tsps of tea tree oil combined with 2 cups of water. Use a spray bottle and apply to the contaminated surface. Let it sit without rinsing.
  • Combine twenty drops of citrus seed extract oil  (aka: grapefruit seed extract) with 2 cups of water and apply to the contaminated surface with a spray bottle. Let it sit without rinsing..
  • Use straight distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it on the onto the infested area. Let it sit without rinsing. The vinegar odor will dissipate within several hours.

Another method of house mold removal is to use  a dry vapor steam cleaner. The steam destroys molds at heats of 180 to 220 degrees. Steam clean the contaminated area, then remove the mold by wiping with a damp cloth. Dry thoroughly.

It is important to understand that mold spores will cause allergic symptoms even if they are dead, so house mold removal must be careful and complete.