Mold in Car a Big Challenge to Clean

The mold in car pics below are from a NJ auto detailer of a 2002 Audi AllRoad. The owner had left the car parked for 4 months. When he returned to the car he found a nightmare of mold – a huge mold removal challenge!

Apparently the interior of the car had been soaked by a firewall leak.  It was parked for the winter in a garage and left for around four months. The wet carpets and leather upholstery proved to be a perfect breeding ground for mold. There was a sickening thick layer of green and yellow fuzz covering most of the interior.

It took the detailer two days to clean it. H ran a min-dehumidifier overnight and pulled over a quart of water from the Audi in one night. He suited up in a disposable hazmat suit, gloves and a respirator mask and went at it with a steamer and Sporicidin (an anti-fungal chemical)

All of the leather was then cleaned and conditioned using Lexol and any plastic was dressed using Optimum Protectant Plus.

He sold the owner the dehumidifier so that it could run daily until the car was completely moisture free.

Mold in car and cleanup

mold in car covering auto interior

Audi steering wheel covered in mold

final cleaned interior

The cleaned-up interior – a minor miracle!


  1. Marie says

    does anyone know who to contact for similar mold removal in a car? I was gone for 6 months and came back to a car that’s all full of mold-I can’t even breathe in the air it’s so toxic. I brought it to a detail shop and they ran an oxidizer to get rid of the smell but it didn’t work. The dampness & mold is still there. Help!

    • blackmold says

      Get a mini dehumidifier going ASAP and remember to empty it regularly. You don’t just want to eliminate the smell but you want to get rid of all the mold and moisture. There is a good chance the mold is in and under the carpet. You should try to find an local detailer that has experience removing mold but you may be better off looking for a mold remediator online or through your local yellow pages. Show them this article! Best of luck and let us know how you make out.