Kill Mold and Mildew Naturally Without Toxic Chemicals

To kill mold and mildew naturally we need to get past our mold repulsion and inclination to go for the most potent, smelliest, most heavy-duty chemical on the market. Calling in the  Marines for your mold or mildew problem is not necessary. Nor is the use of unsafe toxic chemicals.

Killing mold with chlorine bleach is often the go-to chemical of choice. Bleach can be pretty nasty to human beings, causing damage to internal organs, the respiratory system, as well as skin and eyes. I’ve never worked with chlorine bleach without ruining my clothes. Considering the potential risks, lets consider some safer, natural mold fighters

Non Toxic Mold and Mildew Removal

Kill mold and mildew naturally with vinegar and borax in a spray bottleVinegar: Known as a good all-round cleaner, vinegar is a very effective weapon against mold. Studies show that white vinegar can effectively eliminate bacteria and viruses as well as 82% of mold spores.  Spray it on full strength and let it sit on the infected area for a few hours, then scrub with a brush.  To prevent mold, spray vinegar over susceptible surfaces and leave it to dry.

Vinegar and Borax: A solution of one-half cup vinegar and one-half cup borax in a spray bottle or on a sponge will work wonders at getting rid of mildew in the bath or shower.

Hydrogen peroxide: Spray hydrogen peroxide onto the infected area and allow to sit on the surface for fifteen minutes then scrub the area to remove the mold. A combination of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide is another  good solution for fighting mold.

Baking soda: Baking soda is another wonderful cleaner with the bonus of being a natural disinfectant. It is very mild but effective. It can be dissolved into water or a water-and-vinegar solution. As with the other solutions, spray directly onto the mold and leave it for about fifteen minutes then scrub away the mold.

The folks at the Mother Nature Network suggest a making a mildly abrasive paste out of baking soda, scrubbing the mildewy surface and then rinsing with vinegar.

Tea tree oil solution: Tea tree oil, though effective as a natural fungicide is more expensive than some other eco-friendly remedies, but if you combine three teaspoons of tea tree oil with two cups of water you will have a powerful mold fighter. Apply the tea tree solution onto the the affected area but do not rinse. Tea  tree oil has a strong smell which will take a few days to dissapate.

Citrus seed extract and water: Unlike vinegar and tea tree oil, citrus seed extract (such as grapefruit) does not have an odor. Mix 20-25 drops of the extract with 2 cups of water and combine in a spray bottle. Spray onto the moldy surface and do not rinse.

Lemon Juice and Salt: When mildew is on your clothes, a paste of lemon juice combined with salt can be rubbed into the mildewy area then left to dry in sunlight.