McDonald’s Happy Meal Will Not Mold: Is it the Secret Sauce?

NYC artist Sally Davies bought a Happy Meal from McDonald’s and took photographs of it over six  month period. The little meal seems to be indestructible. The burger has shrunk a bit and the fries are somewhat harder but there is no sign of mold or decay. What secret of mold prevention does McDonald’s have that eludes the rest of the planet? McDonald’s issued a statement saying they couldn’t respond to the project because they were unsure what condition the burger and fries were kept in; suggesting that they were frozen or possibly stored in the vacuum of outer space? What we really wanted to know was why the Happy Meal target demographic, our youngest kids, should actually eat this culinary oddity? Is it “culinary” at all, or completely manufactured? Either way, many of our readers would love to know how to put the Happy Meal to use in their damp basements… Have a look at the photos.