How to Build a Mold Free House

Mold is a problem that is difficult and expensive to get rid of. Building a house that is mold and moisture free from the outset is an important consideration. When you build mold free you can offset costs by asking lenders for a slightly better mortgage rate and insurance companies will be able to provide mold coverage on your home.

Build Mold Free with Mold Resistant Materials

Framing- Build Mold FreeStandard drywall (aka sheetrock or gypsum board) is one of the first things in a house that mold will target. Use a paperless wall board and you will eliminate the food source (Georgia-Pacific’s DensArmor Plus).Use a non-organic insulation (for example: DryRight in ceiling spaces and CertainTeed’s Optima walls). The drywall should be installed using an inorganic  tape. These products provide  a permeable vapor barrier that prevents moisture-laden air exchanging on hot, humid days but allows for air exchange in cold, dry weather.

Framing lumber and other wood components of the building should have a coating of an anti-microbial spray. We suggest one developed by American Mold Guard but others are also available for protection against mildew.

Avoid ductwork for ventilation, air conditioning and heating (HVAC). Ductwork collects dust, which mold can grow on. Radiant in-floor heating is a very comfortable heating solution which avoids using ductwork in your home. Small houses with open floor plans would work best with a ductwork-free design.

Ventilation is critical when you build mold free. Many home designs are extremely air-tight for energy efficiency . A heat recovery ventilator can bring in fresh air without effecting the desired constant temperature. Be sure that the ventilator is properly sized for your house and you may even consider going slightly larger.

Insulating a slab foundation would prevent the floors from becoming damp and clammy in the summertime.

Stay away from composite wood products made with formaldehyde and glue (plywood and chip-board for example). The cellulose in these products is food for toxic mold and they off-gas chemicals that many people are sensitive to anyway.