Fight Toxic Mold Symptoms with Natural Herbs

Black mold is a dangerous fungal growth that often causes an allergic reaction in some people. Mold can have an adverse effect on the respiratory health. Black mold symptoms include persistent cough, fluid in lungs and coughing up blood. Natural remedies can be used to help the body detox after exposure to black mold. First and foremost is finding a professional mold abatement company to handle the mold removal and water damage repair.

Fight Mold Symptoms with Anti-Fungal Herbs

Molds can be killed with anti-fungal herbs. Herbs used to fight Candida yeast infection can be helpful with molds.

 One of the most powerful anti-fungals is garlic. It is just as effective as a doctor’s prescription for treating ear infections caused by aspergillus mold.  Cloves, thyme and Pau d’Arco are also excellent herbal anti-fungals.

Herbs to Stimulate the Immune System

Biotoxins will attack immune function so it is important to protect and strengthen it. Echinacea is a well-known immune stimulant. It is best known for fighting the cold and flu but  it is effective against mold symptoms too. It has antimicrobial compounds that inhibit inflammation and infection while giving the immune system a boost. Cordyceps, oil of oregano and garlic are also immune boosters.

Detoxifying Herbs

By increasing bodily secretions flow, detoxifying herbs help remove toxicity from organs and the bloodstream. Dandelion root is an excellent detoxifier, increasing flow of tears, sweat and urine. Dandelion is a mild diuretic. It assists the body in eliminating toxins by increasing urine and also by stimulating bile production in the liver .

Milk thistle, spirulina and psyllium seed may also be useful in detoxifying following mold exposure. Milk thistle helps the liver filter toxins from the blood. It binds to the toxins and removes them as waste in urine and feces. Milk thistle allows the liver to work better by reducing inflammation. Better liver function helps remove biotoxins form  blood.

Another potent blood purifier is burdock root that also helps to clear toxins through urine.

Fenugreek also helps purify the bloodstream. For the lungs Fenugreek and Elecampane are effective. They are expectorants that promote coughing to expel mold spores from the lungs. These herbs also enable healing because they are  mucilaginous- they soothe and coat  the lungs for protection.

Licorice is also effective for the lungs but in addition it has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to purify the endocrine system and the liver purifying to the liver. It also helps the adrenals which can be stressed by the biotoxins. Consult with a doctor if you have kidney problems before using licorice.

Protecting Brain Function with Herbs

Herbs that can help the nervous system or protect brain function are an important aspect of recovery from toxic mold exposure. As a supplement, Gingko biloba is helpful in improving cognition and memory. It does this by helping with circulation which increases the flow of oxygen to the brain. Omega-3 fatty acids are also needed for good brain function and help fight depression. Herbal sources of omega-3s include Evening Primrose Oil, hempseed and flaxseed.


For homeostasis, or a state of balance, normalizing bodily functions with adaptogens is helpful. Kidneys and adrenal glands can be made healthy again after a mold infection. When taken over the long term, 

Siberian ginseng is will help the body recover from stressors like exposure to bio-toxins.  maca, astragalusand rhodiola rosea are other adaptogen herbs.