The post hurricane minefield. Beware of these potential dangers.

OK, the storm has passed and you made it safely through. Don’t get too comfortable, there are still plenty of hazards. We don’t want to be fear mongering but we want you to be aware of a few things that could affect your health, your financial security or even your life.

Be aware of the following mistakes that could have unfortunate circumstances.

If you have any health issues, consult a doctor before you attempt to clean-up even a speck of mold. If you are immune-compromised or have a lung illness, you can get a serious lung infection from toxic mold exposure. Be aware of mold allergies and other mold health risks.

Never mix bleach and ammonia: Yes, you’re eager to get rid of all that muck that came in when the basement flooded, but be careful. Use ammonia and bleach for separate cleaning projects, but never mix them. The fumes are toxic. We urge you to follow our Guidelines for Mold Remediation.

Know when to turn on the A/C: If any mold at all forms in your home, do not turn on the air conditioning until the mold is gone AND the air conditioning system has been checked by a professional mold inspector. Otherwise, you run the risk of spreading mold spores throughout your entire home. You may want to refer to our section on Mold Removal from HVAC.

Don’t touch any electrical wires that have fallen to the ground: Even if you are without power, don’t assume that the electrical wires outside your home are dead–or you might be.

Beware of scams: Unfortunately, emergencies can bring out the best and worst in people. No doubt, there will be unscrupulous types who will solicit donations and put the money in their own pockets. Also look out for helpful contractors who appear out of nowhere to help repair your  water damaged home. Bottom line, don’t give your money or your credit number to anyone you haven’t thoroughly researched.